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The Wynwood Art District Took My Breath Away

While rehearsing and performing for a Theatre for Young Audiences musical in Miami, FL (which I’ll tell you more about in a future post!), the cast and I have been venturing around some metropolitan hot spots. As a Fort Lauderdale native, it’s been surprising to see the changes and creative advancements in South Florida #culture.

To begin our adventure, we had lunch at Kush, a bar/restaurant that features local craft beers and covers their walls (even the bathroom) in art clippings and book pages. Delicious food with a stellar beer menu, I can confidently say we had a blast. The bathroom wall collages featured philosophical discussions and lifesize Mr. Bean cut-outs. Definitely a great means for conversation. @kushkynwood

Cast of Kitty Hawk / Kush, Miami | @isabellalisboa @whalenschmalen @tommymalouf @dreampasthestars @jenninabottle @ciscamusic @jemerchant @abigailclinecomposer

My favorite spot was a walk around the Wynwood Walls and some of the antique art galleries. If you’re ever traveling to #Miami, definitely roam around the #Wynwood area. It is an “eclectic” district in Miami where every wall is a piece of art and every building is a small business. There are street-art galleries, indoor and outdoor art galleries, antique museum/shops, bars with tons of local beers (my personal fave), hole-in-the-wall food and sweets spots, retail stores, and more! It’s seriously an incredible 50 blocks of diverse culture to roam. @wynwoodwallsofficial

The history of the area is interesting and worth a read! A street-art-covered neighborhood of primarily Caribbean immigrants, the district rose out of innovative developers and evolved through almost half a century into the appreciated and supported artistry that it is today. Check out their history page for more details.

We stumbled upon a store and showroom called the Walt Grace Cars & Guitars. Super snazzy. Surrounded by rooms covered in retro cars and guitars, we were all giddy like kids in a candy store! We played gorgeous electric guitars and - my fave - the bass room. They had numerous bass ukuleles (which I’ve never played!) and I got to play with a bunch of them. I was a happy clam. @waltgracevintage

[LEFT: My IG story from the #WynwoodWalls and #WaltGraceVintage]

Utterly impressed with the Wynwood district, I highly recommend everyone visit if you’re nearby. It is drenched in all sorts of arts. There were art pieces that made me feel happy, uncomfortable, heard, and inspired. There were small businesses that were unique and interesting. Wynwood is a fine example of a neighborhood appreciating arts, local culture, and small businesses.

Are there any cool art districts or cultural hubs that have taken your breath away? Near where you live? Where you’ve traveled? Share below so I can add them to my bucket list!

Until next week!

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Cover Photo by Isabella Lisboa @isabellalisboa



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