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While We're in the Woods

This pandemic has forced us to stop and evaluate our circumstances. My first 6 weeks of it was spent alone in a small studio apartment with no choice but to face my fears of isolation and failure. I had just quit a day job in order to invest my time and energy into my multiple freelance careers and develop the growth that was naturally happening. This plan had been in place for a while. I had a cushion for the next month or so, so there was nothing too big to worry about, right…?

Then COVID-19 hit and all that “growing business” had taken a hike. It is heartbreaking how many people share a similar story. But amidst the insanity, it created a space. Since, the globe has been fluctuating between fear, self-reflection, vegging out, goals, and feelings of grief for things that were or may be lost. The healthiest thing we can do is stop ourselves from the trap of comparisons. We must be kind to ourselves as we navigate through these tall and indefinite woods.

For some years now, I’ve been walking along the edge of my own woods. I’d peer inside, seeing glimpses of my deepest fears. Tentative trips inside found snippets of insight while never getting too deep to lose track of my way out. 

This global threat threw us all into our own woods. We had no choice but to run inside. Now that we’re here, we’re confronting our anxieties as well as new inspirations. We’ve rekindled flames and extinguished others. Some have found peace, some have found sorrow, and some have found a mixture of both. 

Whatever you believe is the reason - or lack thereof - for this virus, we all have a lesson (or seven) to learn. Perhaps you recognized whose company comforts you most versus who drains your energy. Maybe an abandoned activity or skill found its way back to you. Being closer to your family may have unearthed un/healthy patterns, history, or support you didn’t know were there. 

The hustle and bustle of daily life leaves little room for self-discovery. 

The time must be made. 

So it was. 

We will get out of the woods. 

Be kind to yourself and others. 

Give and receive love. 

We all deserve it. 

"Remember when we couldn't take the heat

I walked out, I said, 'I'm setting you free'

But the monsters turned out to be just trees

When the sun came up you were looking at me

Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods yet?

Are we in the clear yet? Are we in the clear yet?"

- Taylor Swift, "Out of the Woods"

Be kind,

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Cover Photo by Valeriy Andrushko on Unsplash



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