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Trap Cat Collective Rocking the Orlando Scene

In the past two weeks a really snazzy project released… Trap Cat Collective is a compilation album of 10 tracks by 10 emerging Orlando singer/songwriters. I’m thrilled to say I was one of them! Published by Trap Cat Co. and in collaboration with Red Oak Collective, they’ve recorded all new singles to showcase and promote Orlando’s local talent. The album release party took place at The Geek Easy in two parts on 11/25 and 12/2.

In December 2017 Giovanni Bertoul, the face of Trap Cat Co., came up to me at Austin’s Coffee & Film during one of their awesome weekly open mic nights. He was looking for local artists and putting together acoustic showcases to promote them and support the exposure of their music. Sounded pretty cool! Across multiple Orlando venues and showcases, he has featured over 25 local artists and just completed the huge feat of producing an album and show release.

I love Trap Cat’s motto: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” It beautifully captures the essence of their company. Their goals are to shed much deserved light on the locals (the little guys) and the incredible talent that lives right here in Orlando. Not to mention how many creatives I have met in the process.

Most people are caught up in mainstream music and how talented people must always become millionaires. But that just isn’t true. Some songwriters are parents who can’t devote their entire life to music because of responsibility to the family they love. Some people have day jobs that inspire them just as much if not more than songwriting. This way of life isn’t always a profession, sometimes it’s simply a intimate way to share emotions and experiences amongst strangers and friends.

There is so much perspective to hear in the songs of those just starting out and those who live multi-faceted lives. On this album there are cover artists and performers but there are also teachers, real estate agents, and paramedics. Everyone has a point of view. Music is one of the only completely universal modes of expression so why shouldn’t the smaller moments be celebrated too? Here, they are.

Thank you Trap Cat Co. for producing this wonderful project and for those who follow and support the artists it represents. My song is “Dazzling Blues” (which you can find on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc...) which featured the beautiful violin playing of Savannah Adams. I’m honored to be on the same album as these amazing artists. Here’s the breakdown if you’d like to follow these artists’ social media pages!

“Watercolors” - Addison Horner (FB, IG)

“I Need You” (Acoustic) - Blake Trent (FB, IG, site)

“That Somebody” - Heather DeSanctis (FB, IG, site)

“Battle Cry” - Zucchini (FB, IG)

“Prodigal Son” - Austin Palmer (FB, IG)

“Come Closer” - Linqo (FB, IG, site)

“Benign” - Rachel Gentry (IG)

“Raynard” - Hope Roman (FB, IG)

“Dazzling Blues” - Abigail Cline (my artist pages: FB, IG, site)

“Sidewalk” - Joel Tyler (FB, IG)

Trap Cat Co. (FB, IG, site)

Let the music play on!

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Cover Photo by Trap Cat Co.



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