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The Brick Wall

You know those periods of time where you feel like the cupboards are bare? No matter how hard you work, it’s like you can’t make enough money to get by with a dollar to spare?

Sadly, most of the people I know live this reality. It’s so darn frustrating when you’re doing the responsible thing by having the job(s), planning ahead, trying to save… But how can you save when you have nothing left over? I get to the point sometimes where I feel guilty for getting a haircut because that money could have gone into my emergency car fund (let alone saving for something I actually want).

How do we get ourselves out of this hamster wheel? We’re running so fast - working so hard - to barely get by. Who doesn’t get anxiety just reading that?

Whenever traveling by public transit, I take the opportunity to read. A spirituality book and self-help book back to back is making the influence of mindset sink in. Our attitude creates our reality. So what, you’re saying that I’m forcing myself on the hamster wheel? Why would I do that to myself??

Think about it. If we wake up every day and affirm that we’re broke, underappreciated, can’t earn more money, fill in the blank here…, options that say otherwise seem foreign. We see a sponsored ad or job post for an opportunity that we’d love, yet we pass it along because we probably “can’t” or “don’t deserve” it. Imposter syndrome sets in when we lose sense of our flexibility. It’s scary to jump into a split when you haven’t stretched in months or even years.

Visualize the walls around you. They are bricked high with limiting beliefs about your capabilities and worth. In order to move forward, we’ve got to take those bricks down. Bricks are heavy and burdensome. You may even need to muster the strength to climb if the walls are tall. One by one, you have the power to take away those bricks. Clear your vision and see the skies again. There’s nothing stopping you but you.

Changing an engrained mindset is a challenging feat. Logic doesn’t just change your feelings. They aren’t a part of us that we can control. However, if we adjust the framing, we can step towards a brighter outlook. Rather than waiting for a day when we have what we want, we must be grateful for what we have and strive for a growing abundance of it.

Looking for my ticket to a higher place

I can see my chance begin to fade

One step forward and two back again

I wish the wind would carry a change

I've had enough, I'm standing up

I need, I need a change

I've had enough of chasing luck

I need, I need a change

What walls have you built around yourself? What tools have you picked up for improving your attitude? Share in the comments below!

Until next week,

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