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Quarantine Era Artwork

There is something that has greatly warmed my heart during this bizarre pandemic we’re currently living. So many folks have started completely new or previously suppressed creative pursuits. While everyone’s normal has changed, many have extra time and have let their creative juices flow!

Inspired by this, I wanted to highlight some of these creations and shed light on a positive aspect of this difficult time. 

The Quarantine Sessions

John “Gonzo” was part of an awesome project that brought the music artist community together during this time. Fourteen local artists/acts contributed anywhere from early demos to finished tracks to create an album called “The Quarantine Sessions.” Available on Bandcamp, 100% the proceeds are going to Nourish NC (a non-profit organization that fights against child poverty throughout North Carolina). 

“While so many of us are stuck indoors, missing work, and missing shows, we decided to band together to release a compilation; something to show that we’re still here, still writing, still creating, and still collaborating despite the strange circumstances.”

The “Captain” of Spider Bucket, he also is leading livestream open mics for artists to share their art and some company safely. Follow his FB page for updates!

Henna Artwork

Umm, gorgeous!

Vanessa is a Henna Artist at Universal Studios. She’s well practiced in the art of beautifully decorating herself and others.

Follow her page for updates and pretty images!

Road Trip Video

Esteban went on a road trip several months ago and decided to put together a short movie with footage from the adventure. While it only captures a handful of locations they visited, he and his two friends traveled ALL OVER to national parks like Yellowstone, Crater Lake, Mount Rainier, and Yosemite as well as Lake Tahoe, the Grand Canyon, through the Rocky Mountains, and way more. A special favorite was the Stanley Hotel which was the inspiration for Stephen King’s novel, “The Shining,” and a filming location for Dumb & Dumber.

Rockabilly Love Songs

Amanda Lyn is a rockabilly artist in Orlando. This is a song she wrote during quarantine called “When I Miss You and I Can’t Kiss You.” Follow her SM to stay updated on upcoming livestream performances and her other projects.

Mask Fashion

Adapting to the times, my mom has been sewing cloth masks for her Etsy shop YourCousinMayShop where she typically makes tote bags, pencil pouches, baby hats, and more! Her most popular items are her American Sign Language-themed items though she lists a large range of fabrics. (Plus a passport-themed one she sent me!)

A Capella Jams

Occasionally, John will create A Capella Jams (which are all very good btw) and recently he put together his rendition of “With a Little Help From My Friends.”

Let us not forget to have some fun - it actually helps us cope!

Check out some of his other jams!

Sacred Flower Bundles / Confetti Eggs

Sacred flower and herb bundles are a recent fascination of mine and I’d been itching to try my hand at it. However, this inspiration hit during the coldest part of Chicago winter and flowers weren’t all that easy to find… But now, with flowers creeping up through the ground and some extra time, I had a chance to really indulge in creating my first batch!

I also took advantage of an after-Easter sale of confetti eggs and painted them...then I smashed them to explode confetti!

(See such smashing in the boomerang below.)

Mini Kitchens

Stephanie articulated her post for this stunningly...

"Love is an Art"

“This upcoming album [released on 3/27/2020], “Love Is an Art,” is a meditation on how we are shaped by relationships and how that affects the way we love. I’m not going to delay the release of an album like this; it’s meant for times like these.” - Vanessa Carlton  

Together we withstand the rain

Knowing what the storm can bring

Life to the roots, roses to the garden

Always moving the light through the dark

Always building up, falling apart

Love is an art

Love is an art

Love is an art

- "Love is an Art," Vanessa Carlton

Keep making art,

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