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My First Experience With Theta Healing

For several months now, I’ve been part of a Facebook group that brings together people with various intuitive gifts and services. It promotes conversations, questions, and recommendations for those learning their metaphysical crafts and those with decades of experience. I’ve even offered a few free tarot readings there just to practice on strangers!

Ever heard of “theta healing?” I hadn’t until recently. A couple weeks ago, a woman was offering free theta healing in exchange for feedback and a testimonial. A new term and concept to me, I dug a little deeper to read her backstory. She’s an empath who has studied theta (energy) healing and happened to be Hard-of-Hearing. If you don’t know, I used to be quite involved with Theatre for the Deaf which taught me American Sign Language and about Deaf culture. I was fascinated! In the back of my head, my blog was demanding I pick her brain…

Real quick: Cristina, the theta healer, explained that “Theta healing is a process of meditation which creates physical, mental and spiritual healing while focused on the Creator. Also, it helps to release limited beliefs, trauma, and align chakras.” It can apply to any religion. You examine your greatest stressors and uncover the limiting root beliefs that prevent you from breaking a negative cycle. From there, this technique helps you to rewire those beliefs and open up positive possibilities. (More info in this video or on this page.)

Something that hadn’t crossed my mind was that she was fluent in Romanian Sign Language. She is from Romania and currently lives in Cyprus. Luckily, she was still great at English and American Sign Language. Thanks to her linguistic skills, when we met on Zoom we were able to efficiently communicate between ASL and typed English.

Cristina asked me what stressor I wanted to confront and work through. Even before this global pandemic, money was a constant struggle bus. I was open to any sort of help at this point...

While standing up straight, she would ask me questions. Naturally, the body will sway forward (yes) or backwards (no) based on my subconscious’ response. The trick with this technique is not letting your brain get in the way. If you think about the question, your unconscious (present) mind will manipulate the body’s organic answer. 

We worked through questions to discover what those limiting beliefs were and dug way deeper than I ever had. She was able to see influences from past generations and how my chakras were affected by it. We dug and dug and dug. She’d repeat questions throughout the session and my body’s answers gradually changed. The negative vibe of money that my body carried everywhere it went was loosening up. It was remarkable, like a crust that was chipping away and breaking into smaller pieces. A natural flow of energy was able to start flushing it out. My mind was clearer and money didn’t seem so scary anymore. 

Like any significant healing, it takes time for all that gunk to make its way out. Sure, I’ve had some sporadic moments of fear and frustration around money since but it’s different now. It’s not constantly looming over my shoulder. That’s a gift and a huge step forward. I am incredibly grateful for her willingness to share her compassionate capabilities with a complete stranger she met on Facebook. 

Naturally, I thought everybody should know more about her! Here are some of her thoughts regarding her intuitive work. 

Why did you learn how to do theta healing? Why do you like it?

“I chose Theta Healing because I found it close to my soul and my abilities. I felt aligned with it. Through this method I can connect with ease to the Creator, without barriers. I like it very much because I don’t need “things” to do it, only to connect with the Creator,  the Universe, and energy to use my abilities for readings and healings. 

Through this method, I am using my gifts of empathy, clairvoyance, and manifesting energy. I feel blessed to do it and help people to heal themselves. People have the key, the healer helps and supports them in the journey. Also, I want to clarify that the Creator does the healing. As the healer, I am witnessing the process.

Theta Healing is not a sect or a religion, it is a way of life that respects everyone in the whole world as they are regardless of race, religion, or sex. It does not take the place of a doctor and does not give medical advice or prescriptions. It is available to those who have difficulties in their lives such as disease, suffering, depressions, and many others. That’s one of the reasons I chose this method.”

Where did you study or learn it?

“I studied at Cluj Napoca, Romania, but the method comes from USA.”

How does being hearing impaired change or affect the way you do healing practices?

“Good question. I would say that helps me to concentrate well when connecting with the Creator and Universe by being in deep quiet and a calm mood. I can be myself and I know I am not judged, also truly accepted. I recognize that it was difficult for me to accept being Deaf since childhood. I felt I missed it but I can say with ease and joy that it helped me a lot to be empathetic with people. I can feel and understand them and their emotions, helping them to accept and love themselves. I am truly grateful to be who I am and give my gifts to society.”

Do you have any special stories or experiences you want to share?

“Since childhood, I could feel plenty of emotions that made me very sensitive… I was very shy. I preferred to be alone to do drawings or artistic stuff instead of being with groups of friends so I wouldn’t have to feel their emotions or their problems. I talked with people on messages instead of face-to-face. But…I didn’t know until Theta courses that I am an empath. I was so shocked and grateful at the same time that I found the answer for what I was seeking for so many years. I didn’t know how to use my intuition and my gifts. I knew that I had gifts but I didn’t have tools to use them. I want to tell people not to stop seeking and to embrace their fears for answers and explore their inner world.”

If you are interested in trying Theta Healing, take a look at Cristina’s Facebook page and send her a message!

I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine.

I got a love, and I know that it's all mine.

- "Pocketful of Sunshine," Natasha Bedingfield

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