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If People Were Recipes

Imagine that each and every one of us are beautifully concocted recipes. To your personal faith, fill in who, what, or if these recipes were created intentionally or with destinies in mind. It doesn’t really matter for the point I’m going to make. 

Now imagine that we, as individuals, have to constantly feed ourselves a spiritual/emotional/mental ingredient list. However, each recipe is unique so your ingredient list may not look or sound much like mine. Is that a bad thing? Nah. Life would be quite boring if we ate the exact same thing for every meal.

To create the best version of ourselves, we must consume the best ingredients. Feeding yourself rotten apples won’t feel as good as feeding yourself ripe ones. So if we feed ourselves self-doubt, we won’t feel as good as feeding ourselves confidence. On a diet of shaky or ingenuine relationships, you’ll spend more time burning off calories of frustration and depletion than enjoying the connection your body craves and needs. 

Think about what ingredients you feed yourself. Sure, sometimes we slip - we’re human - but consider your typical “list.” 

Who and where do you spend most of your energy? 

Do you spend more time catching up or moving forward? 

Are you changing your list based on other people’s recipes?

How often do you daydream about what you could be doing?

The first thing you eat everyday determines how your body processes food for the rest of the day. So what’s the first thing you do every morning? 

Do you read your inbox and get flustered over your evergrowing task list?

Does your Facebook give you a news feed full of anger, jealousy, and conflict? 

Do you scroll through Instagram wishing you looked more like #somebodyelse?

What if you tried…

Pulling an inspirational card every morning?

Doing yoga or an exercise of your choice?

Playing an instrument for 15 minutes?


When these small habits start your “metabolism” for the day, it’s easy to see how they affect our bodies. By no means am I saying to ignore the events of the world or live in a bubble, but try not to make it the first thing you do.

Use the social media algorithms to your advantage! Along with trustworthy news sources and organizations, follow motivational speakers and inspiring authors or podcasts. It’s silly but if puppies and kittens brighten your day, follow a couple pages that regularly post them. If you have a dream or goal, follow similar sites to inspire you. Fill your inevitable news feeds with healthier content. You'll gradually click into alignment.

While social media is only one part of the mass, there are small changes we can make that’ll make a huge difference. This is waaaaay easier said than done. We’re all trying. But if we all really focus on feeding ourselves better, healthier ingredients, we can be a better version of ourselves (or our recipes). 

Care to dine?

I'm coming out 

I want the world to know 

Got to let it show

Will you join me in this challenge? What small steps are YOU going to make towards a better quality of life?

Until next time,

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