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Hello Again (Spiritual Resolutions for 2020)

Hello again! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written from Empathings. Between moving over 1,000 miles away, changing careers (twice), and navigating a spiritual awakening, 2019 has been one hell of a year. I’ve learned some valuable things since we last chatted. I’m excited to refocus and enter 2020 on a wave of fervent creativity!

I feel like everybody has a love-hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions. We get so pumped to make a change for a new health regime or daily habit. While those goals are important, these past few months I’ve had a different type of vision. I’m working to refocus my life around the people and activities that bring me joy rather than checkpoints to achieve in order to feel worthy. It never occurred to me how much of my value I placed on the current project or how slammed my schedule was. My idea of happiness was from the outside world, not within me. Lately I’ve been considering what spiritual resolutions I want to make. How can I better myself in a way that doesn’t negate the strength and love I already have? Rather than focusing on never being enough, how can I expand life’s opportunities?

So I turned to my pal Google. There I’d find a slew of listicles for good spiritual goals… Disappointed was I to find that every single page I opened was about praying more Hail Marys and going to church more. What about those of us who find spirituality in something other than the Holy Trinity? While those articles may work well for particular denominations, there’s a serious void of resources for everybody else. 

If a perspective you care about is missing, be the one to say it! In that case, I am going to write a listicle…

Three Spiritual New Year’s Resolutions

To simplify

What is important to you? Really understand what it is you’re trying to manifest. 

Turn “I want that [insert job position here]” into “I want to support myself by doing something I care about.” Don’t focus on how you’ll get there, just that you will. Feel the emotions you’ll have once you have it.

Turn “I want more free time” into “What pieces of my schedule can I eliminate that no longer serve me?” Make time for the people and activities that excite you.

Turn “I wish this relationship/situation would change” into “How can I communicate/change this in order to be my most authentic self?” This is a toughy. Hard conversations come out of this but they’re so important to have.

The Universe is listening to us when we project our desires and fears into the world. But unfortunately, it can’t tell the difference. Let it hear the true desires loud and clear. 

To explore

We get so hung up on our goals that we often forget to take the scenic route. We’re taught to believe that the narrow path will be the most direct. But sometimes our creative energies need to play or rest against scheduled hours.

Getting stuck while planning strategies? Go draw something. Feeling angry about your job situation (or lack thereof)? Eat a snack on a park bench without headphones. Let the wind guide your sail every once in a while.

Insight doesn’t come if you aren’t looking. We need time to meditate in order to have discoveries. Without those moments, you could be missing that brilliant business step or out-of-the-box idea for getting around a challenge. Resting doesn’t mean you’re weak  or unfocused. It means you’ll get back on the path with better momentum. Or maybe find a better path all together!

To love

Love applies to every moment of our lives, not just romance. Love your friends, family (original or chosen), lovers, and strangers. Deeply love those who stick with you rain or shine. Above all, love yourself. After all, that’s the longest relationship you’ll ever have. Love your first sip of coffee. Love that song that inspires you. Love the extraordinary intricacies of a leaf. Taking anything for granted simply blinds you from the treasures you already have. 

The only way we will be loved as fully as we dream is to show that compassion to others. In a world of polarizing perspectives, we must not forget how similar we are. Empathy is going to heal us but it’s a collective effort. 

My hope is that at least one of these goals inspired you. All of us are on a journey...so bon voyage!

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Cover Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash



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