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Coffee Shop of Horrors

Trying to kill some time in between appointments, I stumbled upon a cafe called Coffee Shop of Horrors nearby. Intrigued, I walked in to find a wall of horror/Sci-Fi movie themed coffee beans and eccentric board games. With a closer look, the various regions and flavors of coffee were themed with artwork from Stranger Things, Jaws, Terminator, and more. Obviously, I couldn’t leave without buying the Butterscotch Toffee flavored coffee called Boogie’s Nightmare Brew...

In love with my surroundings, it wasn’t hard to strike up a conversation with Nick Sindicich, the owner. A little over 13 years ago, he and his wife, Roxana, met a major distributor of coffee beans in North Carolina. Their partnership led to an online store that has shipped their homemade blends across the United States and Canada. They expanded their sales to hundreds of farmer’s markets, festivals, and conventions throughout Florida. They believe so strongly in their coffee’s quality that they hand it out for free at events to prove it; “We’ve never had less than a 5-star review.”

In 2018, they opened a small coffee shop for drinking and purchasing coffee. They also offer all-natural homemade hot sauces and baked goods (by Matt Allen), tea blends, and almost 50 flavors/blends of coffee. Never older than 30 days and ground to your specifications, this coffee is fresh and high quality. Every bean is fair-trade organic. None of the flavors are chemicals. In the roasting process, they blend natural extracts and oils that get absorbed into the beans as they cool so it doesn’t leave that sticky residue. Two thumbs up from me.

Before I even asked, he was eager to mention the artwork. Every graphic design is created by an artist he personally knows. His entire network is based on joint effort. Then I inquired about the theme. Why whimsical horror movies? His answer is the reason I couldn’t wait to write this article.

These movies bring people together, especially his family and friends. The cafe houses a big community table where strangers often strike up conversations amongst coffee and board games. With a large tv and their own media network, he described frequent spontaneous movie groups. Just a block away is a high school campus where the theatre kids come over and watch movies together for show research and a good time after school. It also doesn’t hurt that there’s an adorable puppy that likes to make friends with all the patrons.

It warmed my heart to see how Nick glowed as he walked me through the story of Coffee Shop of Horrors. Community is the glue that holds this store together and encourages their coffee-scented dreams. The company has some exciting developments in the works with upcoming partnerships and more locations.

If you’re ever in the west area of Orlando, definitely check this place out (17415 7th Street STE A, Montverde, FL 34756). If not, keep an eye out for them at farmer markets or try their online store.

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Happy roasting!

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Cover Photo by Abigail Cline



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