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Sep 3, 2018

Party of 2: Path to Union by Vito Mucci


For a long time I've known that I want a relationship that looks different from a lot of those I've seen modeled for me, but it often felt like true love was a pipe dream. Within the last year, I've been awakened to the idea of conscious partnership. It's a concept that's discussed in the spiritual community a lot. I've done some spiritual work with Ellie, who runs https://www.adivineunion.com/ and is in a conscious partnership. She shared this book Party of 2: A Path to Union in her Facebook community. I read it, and it really resonated! I think it's very encouraging to hear not only a man's perspective on this concept, but also to hear that this way of relating is possible. And he gives practical examples of how to create more harmony in relationships without sugar coating. Would love to discuss!!!

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  • Thought-provoking movies? Wow-zing books? Jaw-dropping shows? The creative arts give us such a gift. It brings us together and allows us to share experiences with strangers. Whether it's bonding over a book or sitting in a theatre or cinema with complete strangers, we share that experience. What about a band or artist you saw when you went out for dinner the other day? What street performers caught your eye lately? I want to know! Share these experiences with me! What forms of the creative arts inspire you? How do they bring us together and how can we make more of them? What projects are you involved with that do this? I can't wait to hear all the exciting things. I mean, empathings. =P - Abigail :)